Why Body Sculpting Radiofrequency is so Popular

Body Sculpting RF Gilbert AZHaving a perfectly slim and contoured body isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people who eat a lean diet and exercise regularly to still have unwanted stubborn fat or cellulite at least some place on their body. If you have worked hard for your body but still feel self-conscious because of cellulite, wrinkles, or an uneven skin texture, then it may be time to consider one of our favorite body sculpting radiofrequency procedures: JuVaShape. So, what is JuVaShape and why is it so popular?

It’s Non-Invasive

Although traditional surgical liposuction has remained consistently popular for the past several decades, there’s one thing it doesn’t do: get rid of cellulite. JuvaShape gives patients the opportunity to get rid of stubborn cellulite without having to go under the knife. There are no incisions or needles required so you won’t have to worry about scarring. What does that mean for you? It means little to no recovery time, no time off of work, and more time doing what you love.

It’s Painless

If pain is a deal breaker for you, then JuVaShape may be right up your alley. Because JuvaShape is non-invasive and uses radiofrequency technology to target your cellulite and break it up, it’s basically pain-free.

It Helps With Contouring As Well

Another unique thing about JuVaShape is that it can also help with body and facial contouring as well to give you a more chiseled looking appearance. During your initial consultation with our office, we will help determine what areas of your body will get the best results from JuVaShape.

Cellulite is something that the majority of women have— no matter how thin they are. If you have worked hard to have a slimmer body but still have cellulite, then we can help. To learn more about JuVaShape, schedule a consultation at our Gilbert office today and call (480) 638-9165.

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