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Tighten and Tone the Vaginal Area with Noninvasive Votiva Treatments at Tranquil Waters Med Spa

Women in Gilbert, AZ and surrounding communities who are dealing with problems such as bladder incontinence, decreased sexual pleasure, and vaginal dryness can speak to a professional at Tranquil Waters Med Spa about the advantages of a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment known as Votiva. What is Votiva? Votiva is a specialized device that has been… Read More »

Female Rejuvenation Gilbert, AZ

Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQs

Did you know that as women get older estrogen levels decrease? These decreasing estrogen levels can cause tissue inflammation, thinning vaginal walls, and decreased lubrication. None of those sound fun, do they? Though menopause is a natural part of life, these side effects can cause women a lot of discomfort. Also, these issues are not… Read More »

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