Your Yearly Skin Health Plan

Skin Care | Gilbert AZWith the New Year finally here, we’re in clearing out, cleaning out, and streamline mode. No more rushing around last minute to get to parties, no more skipping the gym in favor of yet another night on the couch, and definitely no more nights going to bed with makeup on. So if your resolutions involve better skin, keep reading for how we can help.


Your year of great skin may not start out perfectly. That’s because you’ll need to reevaluate the products you’re using. Are your favorite face washes and serums pulling their weight? Are they suited to your skin type? Sometimes dry skin or oily skin is really just your skin reacting to products that are too strong. Get rid of expired products and give away products that don’t work for your skin.


Exfoliation should be a regular part of your skin regime, and you should be exfoliating with either physical or chemical exfoliators about once a week to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Depending on how deep your exfoliation is, spread it out longer or feel free to exfoliate more often. Overall, the goal is to keep dead skin cells from sitting on your skin, dulling your complexion and blocking your products from working their magic.


Botox can help give your skin a boost without requiring invasive surgery or lengthy downtime. But, those convenient Botox appointments need to be repeated regularly to keep your results looking magnificent. Therefore, put reminders in your calendar and make sure you see us regularly (about every three to four months). If you have other fillers in your life, you may be able to go further in between touch up appointments.

Resurfacing Treatments

If you want a smooth, clear complexion, you may need something that packs a little more punch. ClearLift™ is a non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing that we recommend for patients who want tighter skin but who don’t want to go under the knife.

We want you to have the best skin possible this year. Why not start right away? Call us today at (480) 638-9165 to schedule an appointment.

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