Why Chemical Sunscreen?

Skin Care Product Gilbert AZWith summer in full swing, we noticed more and more people skipping on one of the most important components of skincare: sunscreen. Harmful UV rays cause all sorts of havoc on our skin, from skin cancer to signs of premature aging like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Even if you’re inside, UV rays can still reach you, and damage your complexion.

Think about it. If you’re spending a lot of time and money to find the best treatments and products for your skin, you probably want to keep those products working as well as possible. For many of us, that means buying a great sunscreen and wearing it properly every day (even in the winter). If you’re interested in learning more about chemical UV filters, keep reading!


Generally speaking, chemical sunscreens absorb faster and feel lighter on the skin, since they are made with smaller molecules than most physical sunscreens.

Also, a big bonus is that chemical sunscreens don’t leave the dreaded white cast that physical sunscreens can leave behind. These benefits might lead you to actually want to apply sunscreen everyday, since it will feel better and will likely work better with makeup. If you want to wear it everyday, we think that’s a great sunscreen for you.


Some chemical UV filters may have problematic issues, so it’s important to do research and try some out before you splurge on a whole bottle that you won’t end up using. Skin irritation is more likely to occur with chemical sunscreens, since some filters are not photostable. Photostability refers to the compound’s ability to retain its protecting formula when exposed to light and UV rays. Some ingredients lose their power in the sun and may cause allergies or irritation.

Other ingredients cause environmental problems and are either banned or are in the process of being banned in certain vacation destinations. For instance, Hawaii recently banned the sale of certain sunscreen ingredients because they lead to coral bleaching. Do your research and find a sunscreen that works for you and don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day!

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